Party Time!!

18th July 2015

Gladrags on – ok, well, black vest top, jeans, flats and an array of gold jewellery to jazz it all up.  Hair curled (frizzy with a mind of its own), make up done, perfume sprayed and its ready to party Colombian style!

I took a ‘proper’ taxi to Click Clack Hotel on Avenida Carrera 11, Calle 93, the bride-to-be’s hotel where I met some of the other wedding guests for the first time.

You could tell I was going to a posh district of Bogota as the scenery became more and more affluent the further north we went.

The hotel is lovely.  It’s modern, the rooms are spacious with fantastic technological facilities and its very quiet.

From the hotel we took taxis to Andreas Carne de Res nightclub where you can eat, dance and be merry.

Its five storeys of restaurant, bar and dancefloor with a live band and disco.  If only there was something like this in London!

What a wicked night!


I had two mojitos to last me all night – unheard of!  But to caveat, I did have altitude sickness and you get pissed quicker at altitude if you’re not used to it and the mojitos are served in ornate wooden vessels the size of enormously large pasta bowls!

About 20 of us managed to squeeze in – the place was packed – and the bride-to-be ordered food for us.  The menu is 80 pages of food and drink in both Spanish and English.

We had chargrilled beef tenderloin, blood sausage, plantain pizza, pork scratchings (yes, that’s right!) all with accompaniments of salsa, guacomole and sour cream.

People were up and dancing next to the their tables, on the dancefloor, in the middle of corridors – it was chaotic, hugely fun, bedlam!

My Colombian pals bundled a pretty blotto me into a taxi at the end of the night and made sure I got home safe and sound even though I was going south and they needed to go further north – so sweet of them.


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