Walking the ramparts

25th July – AM

The wedding day is here!

Waking from a horrible night’s sleep for various reasons too boring to go into, I decided to try and wake up and get into the party spirit by taking a walk around the parapet of Cartagena’s fortification.

By this stage it was almost midday so probably not the best time to walk around.  What’s the saying? ‘Only mad dogs and English(wo)men go out in the midday sun’ – yep, you’ve got that right!

It’s a really good walk as you get a different perspective of the city because you’re looking down on it. I saw streets I wanted to explore, shops and cafes I wanted to go in and lots of beautiful shabby chic architecture.

One of the best sights was the local teen football match – who else can say their pitch is right next to the Caribbean Sea?


On my way around I bumped into my new Brazilian friends and hung out with them for a bit.  Such nice chaps – warm, friendly, interesting and charming.  I arranged to meet them the next evening at Cafe del Mar for sunset.

One of the things I love about travelling is that no-one has to rush off anywhere unless they have a plane to catch, and plans are fluid.

Meandering around and getting lost in the romance of the city, I realised what the time was and dashed off to get ready for the evening wedding.  It started at 6.45pm and I really hadn’t given myself enough time to get home, relax, and get back to Iglesia San Pedro Claver.



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