Morning after the night before breakfasts

What’s the best breakfast the morning after you’ve had a tipple or two?

Some recommend the full English. Others fried egg on toast. For those that want to feel as though they can claw back some goodness, a large bowl of muesli.

As my lifestyle is a rather social affair, these breakfasts come in extremely handy. Sometimes you need some lard or excess sugar in your life and why not use the excuse of a hangover to have them?

When I’ve actually got some food in the fridge on a weekend, I’ve been experimenting with morning after the night before breakfasts. And being a food snob, I do like good quality ingredients which I definitely think make the breakfasts taste better than the local greasy spoon.

The “European”

Fried eggs and ham on rye sounds a bit dull but not the way I make it.

I’m loving Village Bakery rye bread (a recent discovery) which you can slice as thinly or thickly as you want.

I always stand my toast up so that it stays crisp and I don’t like the butter to melt into the toast – weird I know!

A bit of Dijon mustard on top of the Lurpak butter is covered by Natoora extra peppery Italian rocket leaves and then topped with British wafer thin ham.

I do like my free range eggs fried in Greek olive oil. To cook the gooey bit over the yolk, I turn off the heat and pop the lid on the frying pan for a few minutes to work its magic.  This saves me from having to faff around with flipping the eggs over and breaking them (ever since childhood I’ve had a “thing” about broken egg yolks.)

Once fried, all that’s left to do is pop the eggs on top and ta dah – one filling but not bloating breakfast.

The “Colombian”

I can’t make arepas and have no idea where to buy them in the UK so am sticking with rye bread.

Waitrose ready to eat avocados may be expensive when compared to the fruit and veg man at Vauxhall tube station but they are a lot nicer.

Toasted rye bread makes an excellent base for mashed avocado and is extra special when British thick cut smoked back bacon with a crispy rind is laid over the top.

Am salivating – I’ve just had breakfast and want this now!

The English

The King of all breakfasts (except maybe Scottish).

  • British thick cut unsmoked back bacon with crispy rind.
  • The Black Farmer sausages – my fave are 82% pork and leek sausages which are gluten free to boot!
  • Vine ripened tomatoes, gently grilled to release the flavour
  • Fried mushrooms – depending on how hungover I am I’ll add a teeny bit of garlic
  • Sautéed potatoes
  • Thick sliced white tiger bread, toasted

I know some people will be thinking “where are the beans and fried bread?”.  I don’t like them so no beans or ultra-oily fried bread for me!!

Now if things are really bad, there’s always The Italian or The Indian but quite frankly, I’m not one for eating leftover pizza or curry the day after – there’s never any left anyway!!


10 thoughts on “Morning after the night before breakfasts

  1. Sounds good! But why call the bacon and avocado on, The Colombian? Nothing Colombian about it.. If you had cornbread,salsa,and Bacon or leftover roasted meat,like beef or pork, then it would resemble Colombian food.. Maybe some pinto beans, The English breakfast, needs HP or ketchup! Other than that good ideas.


    1. Thanks for your comment.
      Everywhere I went in Colombia I had avocado. I’ve taken a broad view on the theme so hence the title.
      I don’t know what cornbread is or where I can buy it so hence why I used rye. Again I’ve twisted things to suit and English palate.
      I think I’ll put inverted commas round the title so it’s not taken as verbatim – it’s early blogging days so I’m learning as I go along!

      Liked by 1 person

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