My spiritual home

30th July 2015

What to do today?

A trip up into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, to a bend in Rio Palomino.

My new friends and I set off on our exploration.

Up the bumpy, sandy road past the mototaxis, over the busy I90, past the petrol station, up another sandy, bumpy road, past single storey houses and small shops, kids running around, chickens in the road, indigenous families, forest tracks, fruit trees, and finally a bridge with the most adorable stilted house hidden amongst the trees.

Sliding down the steep hillside to the riverbank, we dumped our stuff amongst the trees, avoiding the insects’ homes and plunged into the river. It was cold and fresh compared to the humidity and heat of the walk.

The three of us surrounded by nature.

It was lovely.

Rocks along the shoreline, see-through water, the riverbed full of pebbles, sage to emerald tones of the forest, bright yellow of the sandbank, birds singing, wind rustling the trees.

We drifted on the currents of the river and fought our way back, over and over again. Perfectly relaxed.

Nature everywhere I looked.

I felt so content.

This was my spiritual home.



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