Reiki and Wombs

31st July 2015

Another chilled out day in paradise meandering from pool to beach to hostel to La Sirena for food.

This is what relaxation is about.

The Dutch girl raved about her reiki session so much the night before that I booked myself in for an appointment that evening with the same Venezuelan yoga teacher/holistic therapist.

I love holistic therapy but had never had reiki before and I was worried that I would come out of it with a bad experience. The Dutch girl assuaged my concerns since she had felt slightly similar but she was bouyant after her session and felt light and wonderful.

Come dusk I traipsed to La Sirena and was shown to the therapy room.

A well constructed wooden hut in the middle of Sirena’s compound, with a thatch roof and white sheets for walls so the breeze could flow through and the sounds of the sea and the birds could be heard as relaxation takes hold.

The therapist explained what she was going to do to me and asked if there was anything I wanted to get out of the session.

I said I did. I felt so open, alive, vulnerable and free being on holiday and I wanted to keep those feelings as much as possible back in the UK. I didn’t want to be the closed, barriers up, cynical, judgemental person I realised I’d got into the habit of being.

Our session started. I could feel each part of the body that she was working on.  My head was full of light and dark, my stomach twinged and twanged, my legs involuntarily twitched.  It was weird but I knew some kind of healing was in progress.

At the end of the session, she asked me about my womb. Apparently I have a very big womb! Who knew?!

We talked about women’s issues for ages – she wanted to delve deep so to speak – and said that if I had been sticking around for a while she would introduce me to the indigenous midwife who could cure me of my gynaecological issues.

Sadly, the reiki didn’t stop my inner cynic from coming through. She lost a bit of the believer in me as I was thinking, ‘how could a midwife help me when medical science can’t?’

Having said that, how cool would it be to meet a real life shaman (woman?)! And if I’d have been staying longer I would’ve gone just to see what would happen to me. Well, you never know do you? 🙂

Feeling out of sorts I went back to the hostel in a weird mood. I wasn’t feeling all light and fluffy and on top of the world like my Dutch friend.  I was feeling depressed and sad and like I wanted to bury myself in a hole and hibernate for the winter.

Still, in true British fashion – best foot forward, stiff upper lip and all that – I got on with being as social as I could that evening. Thank god my friend was such a good person and was so easy to talk to!


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